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Act Now, or Be Left Behind

  • Date: 1 April, 2018
  • Posted By: Convenience Measures Australia
  • Category: Insights

As I have discussed in past articles, the convenience channel is evolving by broadening offers and creating destination occasions outside of the traditional fuel category. I have been fortunate to present at several conferences this year and feel that the message of ‘investing in your future’ is getting through. This goes for both retailers and suppliers because, as retailers, you need to own your future and suppliers need to adapt your offerings/products to meet that future.

There are several factors forcing the hand of retailers and suppliers to change and to look at how you can develop offers that drive foot traffic. The reality is that if you don’t or haven’t acted on current trends by now, you are playing catch up. I see three things that are driving the current investment by retailers into new store formats:

  • Changing shopper habits
  • The future of current fuel offers
  • Technology and the millennial

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